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Hello Crocus!

After what has seemed like an eternity I finally have something worthwhile to post! While at Dunkin Donuts today as promised I snapped some pictures of those Crocus I told you about in yesterday’s post.

We walked the dogs at War Memorial Park today. It felt great to actually go out and do something, I have become quite the homebody since I was let go from work, in the beginning of January. The water system was quite active complete with mini rapids! I have never seen this place so filled with water, there were even a few spill over areas. From the water marks left behind on the trees you can also see that the water was almost a foot higher recently as well. We had the dogs so no camera’s, we plan to return tomorrow to snap a few shots!

My camera is being shipped back, hope to have it soon! Just in time for Spring! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the pictures from War Memorial.

Borderland State Park January 14, 2012 ~Tom’s Pictures~

Today we had a very busy morning, after our appointments and such we took Brett’s dogs for a walk. After we returned we decided to take advantage of the spring like day with the temperature in the 60’s F, how could we not? We went to a local State Park. Borderland, home of the Ames Mansion. Our camera’s accompanied us on our journey. Playing with the settings and shots, color enhancements, and even the panorama function we captured a few great pictures, and a few crappy ones as well. This post is broken into two separate posts: Tom’s Pictures and Brett’s Pictures…


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In and around the Sheep Pasture at night January 9,2013

Tonight in an effort to lighten my mood as I am within a Life Changing Cross roads, Brett had suggested taking the Camera’s for a walk…We started at Twilight and ended well after dark…

War Memorial Park West Bridgewater at Night January 8, 2012

Tonight Brett and I decided to leave our warm place for a shot in the dark, We grabbed the camera’s and hit the road, we ended up at war Memorial Park in West Bridgewater. My pictures follow as hi were deleted cause he found them too grainy!