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Borderland State Park January 14, 2012 ~Brett’s Pictures~

The following are Brett’s Pictures! We try to capture as much of nature as we can when we venture out with the camera’s. For the better part of 30 minutes or so he was focused on this one bird who was taunting him and playing with him very mischievously. It would dart into view and dart away again, as if playing hide and seek with him. It was actually quite comical to watch. All in all He captured a few great shots as well.

In and around the Sheep Pasture at night January 9,2013

Tonight in an effort to lighten my mood as I am within a Life Changing Cross roads, Brett had suggested taking the Camera’s for a walk…We started at Twilight and ended well after dark…

Christmas 2012 #3 December 14, 2012

The tree and house is finally done! We finished it last week, I am just now remembering to post as I forgot to post…