It Was Nice To See The Ocean Tonight…

Tonight we went to one of Brett’s friends from one of his jobs, houses to hang out and so they could catch up. It was nice to see that the Ocean was her back yard! I snapped a few pictures with my phone so I am sorry ahead of time for the poor quality of them. But it was a nice night nonetheless.

I want a house where the Ocean is my front or back yard! I Yearn for it! I need it!

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Just imagine a Summers morning waking to the sound of the waves crashing upon the shore as you step outside with your morning coffee and newspaper…the most perfect start to any day! Although it isn’t without regret with the seasonal storms and the ocean front cold air at times!

This on the eve of yet another winter weather storm weekend ahead! Last weekend we got about 6″ of the white shit, the weekend before 31.5″, this weekend calls for about 1-6″ so all in all nothing but seriously after seeing the Beach tonight I WANT SUMMER!