PLEASE HELP! Rococo Toad in need of help…

Brett’s Rococo Toad “Clump” recently shed his skin, which he has done in the past without a problem. Last night he noticed what looks like abrasions behind his eyes. mild / moderate bleeding last night. Treated with Neosporin, to keep away infection.

Today the bleeding is minimal to none but fleshy looking, probably from the Neosporin. Any Toad / frog bloggers out there who have any advice please help! “Clump” doesn’t appear to be in any distress of any kind, but still Brett and I would like to help the lil guy out! Even if you know someone who knows about Toads and frogs please forward this to them. Any help will be greatly Appreciated!

There was no injury that either of us are aware of, could have even been accidentally self inflicted???