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PLEASE HELP! Rococo Toad in need of help…

Brett’s Rococo Toad “Clump” recently shed his skin, which he has done in the past without a problem. Last night he noticed what looks like abrasions behind his eyes. mild / moderate bleeding last night. Treated with Neosporin, to keep away infection.

Today the bleeding is minimal to none but fleshy looking, probably from the Neosporin. Any Toad / frog bloggers out there who have any advice please help! “Clump” doesn’t appear to be in any distress of any kind, but still Brett and I would like to help the lil guy out! Even if you know someone who knows about Toads and frogs please forward this to them. Any help will be greatly Appreciated!

There was no injury that either of us are aware of, could have even been accidentally self inflicted???


Been Slacking!

I promised almost a month ago for pictures of the animals that inhabit my place. But first a quick history:

Mama came to me one night a a one night type deal we were going to bring her to a no kill shelter the next morning. Mama who’s name was actually Princess that night, ended up playing on my feelings and emotions and somehow found her way into my heart. She stayed. That was April of 2008. One night while she and I we watching TV in the living room, I felt something move inside her and felt around her belly, I could feel 3 defined kittens…She was pregnant! June 1, 2008 she gave birth to 4 kittens, on my bed. I woke up to the sound of baby kittens meowing. The runt died a week or so later, and I was able to get a home for the all black long haired boy (Bear). TJ and Dora never got adopted, so I had no choice but to keep them.

I found the Eastern Tree Frog one day when we went to Mylestandish State Forest. It was in the men’s room walking across the wall, Brett wouldn’t let it be so that explains that!

Squirtle and Taka were also found and kept by Brett.

Turtle 1 and Turtle 2 as I call them were Brett’s from his house, he can feel free to comment and tell you their story.

Clump is a Rococo Toad also Brett’s and his story to tell as I really don’t know.

So there you have the Felines and reptiles and amphibians living with us…Hope you enjoyed!

January 27, 2012

When Brett got home from work today we decided to take his Dogs, Boston and Lucy for a walk, we didn’t do a really long walk just around the Kennedy School Area, it was cold as Hell! When we returned we had a nice dinner prepared by Sallyann, Brett’s Mother. It was nice to share a part of our Anniversary with his Mother and his Grandmother Tutu!

We ate, Laughed and Joked, and most important of all…We All enjoyed each other’s Company! The four of us had a GREAT time! It really worked out when Sallyann said she was making dinner cause we had a night of left overs ahead of us…I so did not feel like cooking!

My son, Zakary made it into the Drama Club at School and has been selected to act in an upcoming production called “Help” His production nights are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of February! So be sure to look for a blog post about the play and of course pictures!

R.I.P Michael Angelo… One of Brett’s turtles passed away tonight, the burial will be scheduled for the next day the ground is thawed…

Brett brought his remaining toad and turtles to the house tonight as well, so the FINAL count is as follows!

1 Rococo Toad

1 Eastern Tree Frog

3 Cats, and

4 Turtles!

I will be sure to post Pictures of them all soon!

Thank You for listening to my Chatter! Check back soon for updates!