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Blizzard Update #1

It all starts with a few flakes of snow, a soothing snow shower will quickly turn into a full fledged BLIZZARD within 12 hours! More later:

February 8, 2012

Well as I type there is a monster bearing down upon me, it has Progressed into a Blizzard Watch for my area…I am looking at a total of 16″- 24″+ So not impressed! I have several large candles and am ready for cooking on the Balcony should it come to that. This is a classic Blizzard / Nor Easter everyone is just so fired up cause we haven’t had a snow storm this large in a few years…C’Mon People we are New Englander’s we know the sit is gonna fall during the winter…it is snow…get over it! I ain’t happy either but seriously no need for a panic, it isn’t going to be anywhere nearly as bad as the Blizzard of “78”…

Pictures and maybe video to follow!

Stay tuned…

Channel 5:


Channel 7:


Channel 4:


So as you see it is 12″ – 30+”  FML!


More to follow from the North East! South East of Boston…

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After All this “IS” Winter…February 5, 2012

After all it IS Winter…

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Despite the last 3 nights having a light snow fall as we sleep here in the North East, it has been diminished by noon or so. However; the local News stations are very happy to report and I am less than happy to as well, that there is a Significant Winter Storm bearing down upon the North East particularly the South East part of New England is being Targeted…”MY AREA!”

Forecasts for Friday into Saturday are for a foot or more! This does NOT make me happy! I have been ready for Spring since last months deep freeze!

My former self, in a previous life, was a Beach Goer…I must have lived in the Tropics, as my Blood still hasn’t adapted to the cold and the blankets of snow that drape this Winter Baron area of the Country. I deserve to live in an area of this Country tagged with a name such as “Coconut Cove” Or “The Keys” Or some other Tropical name…someday perhaps!

Just not today or tomorrow, so as any other New Englander I will Brave the Elements and prepare…

This is as simple as a good ole fashioned Nor’ Easter, I have dealt with plenty! And I will will endure MANY more until my eventual trek SOUTH!

Links to the News reports follow feel free to check for your selves for both my local followers and my followers abroad…

I especially want to send well wishes and wishes of well being and hope to my fellow Australian Friends after today’s (Yesterday’s Earth Quake and pending Tsunami) Please be safe!!!!!

Channel 7 WHDH Boston:


Channel 5 ABC Boston:


Channel 4 CBS / WBZ Boston:


So there you have it! I’ll be sure to keep you posted both through posts and pics if need be…Till then?



Rare Christmas Treat – Jupiter

I am an avid weather watcher and I also enjoy the night sky, so my eyes are always to the sky, day and night.  While outside tonight I noticed our moon had a few friends with it so I jumped on the computer to investigate, sure as I suspected there was a Planet showing itself for all to enjoy. Jupiter! Also a 1st Magnitude star called Aldebaran had joined the party. “So me and my new camera, tore open the shudder and threw on the flash, too my balcony, we were there in a flash…” To learn more I have posted two links to sites that can provide a more in depth description and story of tonight’s Very Special Christmas Gift for me. My pictures will also follow.



Now on to my pictures! To my dismay the pictures with the flash actually came out far better than those without it. I am far from a camera expert, but common sense told me NO flash. Go figure I hope you enjoy!