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Our Night With Jordan February 1, 2013

Tonight Brett and I watched lil man, AKA Jordan So that Hollie, Zak’s Mother and Arlene Zak’s Grandmother could go to Zak’s First showing of his First High School play called HELP tonight, More on that later…

Brett and I hung with Jordan here showing him the new turtles ( I still have to post pictures) and just play for a bit. I love hanging out with Jordan, he is full of so much energy! Just a spoonful would be awesome!

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January 31, 2012

Sometimes in the Northeast you have GOT to love the Weather!

It is SO tropical out and despite my day / night it is really fitting! I AM attracted to the weather don’t you know…???

As Stevie comes on with ” Sometimes it’s a Bitch”…HA! SO appropriate! “Sometimes it don’t come easy! I’ve cried a river of tears from the pain…I’ve laid down with love and I’ve woke up with lies”

Sometimes it’s a winter Marvel…

Anyways it is so BEAUTIFUL OUT! It is 61 degrees and the wind is sustained around 40 with gusts to 58! Wish I had some White wine…

Either way I am outside waiting for my Tornado to take me away to a better land… A land without the, one human kind…animals I will take, and welcome…

But if I shall see a gust large enough to take me away, I am SO JUMPING!

Don’t worry my simple folk IT WONT HAPPEN!

I am NOT so lucky!


SO YOU ARE STUCK WITH ME BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Sometimes it’s a Bitch…


War Memorial Park West Bridgewater at Night January 8, 2012

Tonight Brett and I decided to leave our warm place for a shot in the dark, We grabbed the camera’s and hit the road, we ended up at war Memorial Park in West Bridgewater. My pictures follow as hi were deleted cause he found them too grainy!


Last Full Moon of 2012

Tonight 12/28/2012 marks the final Full Moon of 2012. As I sit here and reflect upon the last year, I have to admit it had it’s up’s and down’s as with any other year. But am honored to say I was lucky enough to have spent the entire year, both good and not so good with the love of my life, Brett! Next month marks our 2 year anniversary! Holy Crap! It hardly feels like we have been together for so long and yet at times it feels as if we have been together for an eternity all at the same time! I LOVE YOU BRETT!

Back to the post…Tonight was the final Full Moon of 2012, Here’s to 2013 and beyond!


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