At a Crossroad in life…


When you are at a crossroad in life, What do you do? Do you leap, and choose a path that best suits you or do you sit and think of your options? Do you wander blindly or ask for help if it is available?

I am at a LIFE CHANGING CROSSROAD…please help…I “KNOW” the path I should choose, There is just so much travel time…Not sure I have the time…Please help!!!


Last Full Moon of 2012

Tonight 12/28/2012 marks the final Full Moon of 2012. As I sit here and reflect upon the last year, I have to admit it had it’s up’s and down’s as with any other year. But am honored to say I was lucky enough to have spent the entire year, both good and not so good with the love of my life, Brett! Next month marks our 2 year anniversary! Holy Crap! It hardly feels like we have been together for so long and yet at times it feels as if we have been together for an eternity all at the same time! I LOVE YOU BRETT!

Back to the post…Tonight was the final Full Moon of 2012, Here’s to 2013 and beyond!


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