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Ames Noel Park January 20, 2012

Today my son Zak had a movie date with his Girlfriend Kathryn, So Brett and I decided to take advantage of one of the last warm days to venture out. We ended up at Ames Noel Park, a local place with trails and nature, and everything outdoorsy…

Brett had his camera and I was reduced to my phone’s camera, I managed a few great shots however. We hiked a new path and discovered a new area, love when that happens! One thing I enjoy about New England is the rock wall boundary lines from days of old, we saw many yards where the boundary’s were definitely set, and a few spots where the walls were broken to maintain a path.

Additionally I found a used bottle of “Doe Urine” Might I add there is no hunting allowed? With the sound of gun shots in the distance and the fight against the early winter setting sun we were quick and stealth like, yet took our time to engage with nature! Hope you enjoy the pictures…

Borderland State Park January 14, 2012 ~Brett’s Pictures~

The following are Brett’s Pictures! We try to capture as much of nature as we can when we venture out with the camera’s. For the better part of 30 minutes or so he was focused on this one bird who was taunting him and playing with him very mischievously. It would dart into view and dart away again, as if playing hide and seek with him. It was actually quite comical to watch. All in all He captured a few great shots as well.

In and around the Sheep Pasture at night January 9,2013

Tonight in an effort to lighten my mood as I am within a Life Changing Cross roads, Brett had suggested taking the Camera’s for a walk…We started at Twilight and ended well after dark…

War Memorial Park West Bridgewater at Night January 8, 2012

Tonight Brett and I decided to leave our warm place for a shot in the dark, We grabbed the camera’s and hit the road, we ended up at war Memorial Park in West Bridgewater. My pictures follow as hi were deleted cause he found them too grainy!


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Anywho, I was reminded of my very special friend “Oliver” tonight as I heard the dogs from the Drake Street farm howling…

One night back in the late Winter Early Spring I went out after work for a few beers, Brett was not officially living with me at this point. Right before the Bartender Shannon Called last call for Smokes I went outside to smoke. When out of the corner of my eye I saw a small grey animal run across a very busy route 27. I had to investigate. The headlights in the near distance passed and I crossed the street. to find a small baby squirrel, who immediately climbed up my leg and nestled himself at my breast pocket in my jacket. I did try to rid myself of him, and place him in a safe place but he found me and ran up to me, climbed my leg again to my breast pocket in my jacket…So…What would you have done??? ( ONLY ANIMAL LOVERS CAN ANSWER!) I crossed the street and paid my tab, asked for a box got shit from Shannon, and was on my way…the only person who came to mind to help out was Brett, we had only been together for the last 3 months officially. We released him at a safe location the next morning…

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Here’s to Oliver!

If 3 people like this post I will also post pictures of the baby Bunnies I saved as well!!! The year or so before!

Quadrantid Meteor Shower ~ January 3, 2012

Eyes to the sky tonight / this morning! The Annual Quadrantid Meteor Shower is right now through dawn. If you have never seen one or a random shooting star it is a must see! My positioning with south facing windows and Balcony I prefer the Geminid Meteor Shower in Mid December. The perseid Meteor shower in August is much more preferred as it is promised to be much warmer! But after all it is a night of seeing shooting stars! I’ll take it! Some cool links follow:




Also NASA has a live feed for tonight’s Meteor Shower…see the link below to watch…scroll down to the live feed and enjoy!