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January 31, 2012

Sometimes in the Northeast you have GOT to love the Weather!

It is SO tropical out and despite my day / night it is really fitting! I AM attracted to the weather don’t you know…???

As Stevie comes on with ” Sometimes it’s a Bitch”…HA! SO appropriate! “Sometimes it don’t come easy! I’ve cried a river of tears from the pain…I’ve laid down with love and I’ve woke up with lies”

Sometimes it’s a winter Marvel…

Anyways it is so BEAUTIFUL OUT! It is 61 degrees and the wind is sustained around 40 with gusts to 58! Wish I had some White wine…

Either way I am outside waiting for my Tornado to take me away to a better land… A land without the, one human kind…animals I will take, and welcome…

But if I shall see a gust large enough to take me away, I am SO JUMPING!

Don’t worry my simple folk IT WONT HAPPEN!

I am NOT so lucky!


SO YOU ARE STUCK WITH ME BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Sometimes it’s a Bitch…


Happy Anniversary My Love…

Two years ago Brett and I became an official couple, We had dinner at Emma’s in West Bridgewater, and on the ride home we made it official, we took things to the level of relationship! During the last two years we have had our fair share of ups and downs, as in any relationship. We had accepted each hurdle and moved on.

Some days it feels like we have been together forever! Other days, it feels so new and exciting! We have shared many adventures, look back through this blog and follow the links to my first blog, live vicariously through the posts!

One of my fondest memories was 2 Summer’s ago, in July we ventured to Provincetown for the day, we walked up and down Commercial Street (the main epicenter of P Town). We then decided to visit Race Point Beach where we enjoyed seal watching, and being chased and attacked by a Mother Piping Plover, who’s mischievous little chick was apparently running around us, a few threatening swoops and screeching at the top of her lungs however, got her point across! The best part of this day was watching the sun set over the open ocean together. It was so romantic…

Here’s to many more!!!!!

The beautiful sun set

The beautiful sun set

Totally Random Thoughts…

As I sit here and take in the music, sung to me by one miss Stevie Nicks and indulge in some Merlot, while reflecting upon the day, the week, and life in general, I have come to one conclusion. Life is what it is. We can make it, break it, and take it, but in the end we have to deal with it as well. Recently I have lost my job of 10 years…so I found myself at a crossroad. Sometimes when at a crossroad we have to stop and ask ourselves why we have come here, and where we are to go from here. Forward is the only way I know where to go! I have been contacted by a prospective dream job that I will take as it is. or reject as it was, either way one of the best of the best called me back, that is fine with me, either way it may go from here.


I have altered my pictures to fit in a format to upload to a shop I plan to start up, I have listened to Stevie’s very enduring word’s and I have sipped my vino with volition, and circumstance as well as caution. I have also made perfectly sure NOT to get my hopes up, because as we ALL know when we do it all comes crashing down and is that much worse…To not hope sometimes is to relish in the win when we accomplish something… and then and only then is it so much better! So I will keep my head high and hopes low as I make this next step…but ensure my happiness either way! To protect oneself is the first priority…Go ahead and put other’s first and see what happens!


Life has a way of taunting us into believing something, or believing in a certain way That I don’t agree with or refuse to admit. Either way it is what it is. Am I perfect? HELL’S NO! Do I try? HELL’S YES! With this being said, I can also say that sometimes we settle for what we believe is our best… for example I spent 10 years in a place that tortured me, there was no room for growth, no room for self thoughts, or ambition, it was simply do this, do that, and we as good little soldiers followed…I have NEVER been a follower! Time to shine! Which brings me to life…


Life…”Well Father, do you have the rest of the week?” Yes I was brought up to be a good Catholic boy! Sometimes we settle for what is right in front of us despite whether or not it is right for us…so what do you do? Do you shelter them with your love and affection as I have? What do you get in return? Do you support them with your showering love and affection? What is in it for you? Do you put them first? DO THEY? Do you settle? Or move on? Do you change them or do they change you? Or Both? And if so why? Why not? Sometimes we need to take a stand and be ourselves and if noone can handle us then so be it! They weren’t meant to be…So Today I ask you this…What have you done for you? Nothing? SHAME ON YOU! As well as ME!  Today is the day!  Start living for YOU! If You don’t then what is the point at all?


Happy Birthday Brett ~My Love~

For My Love:

Happy Birthday to the best man I could ever ask for! I hope today is the greatest day ever!

I Got the Gift

 It’s your birthday,
but I’m the lucky man,
who got to be with you for another year.
It’s your birthday, and the older you get,
the more wonderful you become. It’s your birthday,
and I’m privileged to share the years with you.
It’s your birthday, and each year
I find the depth of my love for you growing.

It’s your birthday, and I look forward with joy

to each day we spend together.
It’s your birthday, and I wonder how I got along
for all the birthdays I didn’t know you.

It’s your birthday, and it’s amazing
how easy and enjoyable it is to be with you each day.
It’s your birthday, and no matter what fate has in store for us,
I know it will be a pleasure to spend life with you. It’s your birthday, but I got the gift–
You in my life for another year.

By Karl Fuchs


On Your Birthday

On your birthday, I am so very happy

to have shared life with you another year,
basking in the special light of your love.
May your birthday be filled
with joy, satisfaction,
and the kind of amazing happiness
I feel whenever I’m with you.

By Joanna Fuchs


If I Could…

 If I could sing, I’d sing a song

Filled with love and praise,
Using notes and melody,
Musical bouquets…

If I could paint, with brush strokes I
Would show you how I feel,
The colors, light and texture
My love for you reveal…

 If I could fly, I’d soar so high
Grazing heaven above,
Trailing a giant banner:
Brett is the one I love! I can’t do those, but I can do this:
I can hug you tight and say
I hope your birthday is the best,
A joy-filled pleasure buffet! 

By Joanna Fuchs

January 7, 2012

Sometimes who we are on the outside is a mask we wear. A Mask that changes without fail to our day to day and even hour to hour challenges.

“Sometimes it’s a Bitch, Sometimes it’s a breeze,

Sometimes Love’s Blind and sometimes It see’s,

Sometimes it’s rose’s, and Sometimes it’s weeds,

Sometimes it’s a bitch, Sometime’s it’s a breeze,

I’ve raised in with darkness and come out with treasure,

I’ve laid down with love and  I’ve woke up with lie’s”

-Stevie Nicks

Sometimes all we can do is exist, until it gets better. Sometimes we have to get better before we exist. We are who we are, and to mesh the two are pure Ciaos, Sometimes we get a break and sometimes we don’t. Sometime life just sucks and sometimes life just ROCKS! What will today be like?

I am somehow connected to Stevie, She sings of me after all…Have you heard “Storms” By Fleetwood Mac?

“Every Night that goes between,

I feel a little less,

As you slowly go away from me,

This is only another test,

Every night you do not come,

Your softness fades away,

Did I ever really care that much?

…Is there anything left to say?

…Every hour of fear I spend,

my body tries to cry…

Living through each empty night,

…a deadly calm inside…

I haven’t felt this way I feel,

Since many a year ago…

But in those years, and lifetimes past

I did not deal with the road.

And I did not deal with you, 

I know.

Though the love has always been,

So I search to find an answer there.

So I can truly win.

Every hour of fear I spend,

My body tries to cry.

Living through each empty night,

a deadly calm inside.

So I try to say Goodbye my friend,

I’d like to leave you with something warm.

But NEVER have I been a blue calm sea,

I have always…

Been a storm.

-Fleetwood Mac

Sorry to be a downer. I am who I am however! And Stevie Nicks and I are connected somehow…Good night all…