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This and That…


Ok so I have been apart from my blog for far too long! Happy Astronomical Spring ( March 1st) too you all! This winter has been funny to say the least. Mostly it was snow free then towards the end we had a blizzard with 31.5″ followed by the next 2 weekends of winter weather. I have survived. I do usually question my survival during Earth’s death state, but all is good here.

Brett and I saw our first Robin a few weeks ago actually right before the Blizzard, I have seen and even heard them since within the last few days. S they are here! Spring is on the way! My Dunkin Donuts has Crocus growing and almost in bloom so Spring has Sprung. But alas we live in New England so they could be killed off with a few feet of snow tomorrow!

One of my close friends just bought a house in Florida and leaves next week, for the beach…BASTARD! LOL! He deserves it! He will be back next month as we are going to see Fleetwood Mac! I will be sure to post pictures and my time spent there as well! I promise to post more often.


For my Fleetwood Mac loving friends…

Dear Fellow Fleetwood Mac friends,

Yay! Amazing find! Rolling Stone magazine has shared the original concert album from “Rumors” 1977, I was 1! LOL! It is live, but a great find! I still have hopes to see them when they come to Boston in April!



For complete tour dates and cities please feel free to visit the Official Fleetwood Mac site below!


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January 7, 2012

Sometimes who we are on the outside is a mask we wear. A Mask that changes without fail to our day to day and even hour to hour challenges.

“Sometimes it’s a Bitch, Sometimes it’s a breeze,

Sometimes Love’s Blind and sometimes It see’s,

Sometimes it’s rose’s, and Sometimes it’s weeds,

Sometimes it’s a bitch, Sometime’s it’s a breeze,

I’ve raised in with darkness and come out with treasure,

I’ve laid down with love and  I’ve woke up with lie’s”

-Stevie Nicks

Sometimes all we can do is exist, until it gets better. Sometimes we have to get better before we exist. We are who we are, and to mesh the two are pure Ciaos, Sometimes we get a break and sometimes we don’t. Sometime life just sucks and sometimes life just ROCKS! What will today be like?

I am somehow connected to Stevie, She sings of me after all…Have you heard “Storms” By Fleetwood Mac?

“Every Night that goes between,

I feel a little less,

As you slowly go away from me,

This is only another test,

Every night you do not come,

Your softness fades away,

Did I ever really care that much?

…Is there anything left to say?

…Every hour of fear I spend,

my body tries to cry…

Living through each empty night,

…a deadly calm inside…

I haven’t felt this way I feel,

Since many a year ago…

But in those years, and lifetimes past

I did not deal with the road.

And I did not deal with you, 

I know.

Though the love has always been,

So I search to find an answer there.

So I can truly win.

Every hour of fear I spend,

My body tries to cry.

Living through each empty night,

a deadly calm inside.

So I try to say Goodbye my friend,

I’d like to leave you with something warm.

But NEVER have I been a blue calm sea,

I have always…

Been a storm.

-Fleetwood Mac

Sorry to be a downer. I am who I am however! And Stevie Nicks and I are connected somehow…Good night all…