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First real snow, 12/29/2012

Tonight we are under a Winter Weather Advisory, When I got home from work at 11:30p Brett wanted to take the Camera’s out for a few snap shots in the snow…I reluctantly agreed. First I snapped a few pictures from my Balcony, then out we went to the Jewish Cemetery down the street, The pictures follow!

Now let it be known…I HATE the winter and all of it’s snow and cold, But I do have to admit it makes for some great pictures!

the pictures with the snow falling are with Flash and the ones without are without…

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Christmas 2012 #3 December 14, 2012

The tree and house is finally done! We finished it last week, I am just now remembering to post as I forgot to post…

Easy Pizza Sandwich

Tonight I was so hungry  yet lacked the desire to cook, Which by the way I love to do. I didn’t eat dinner at work and was starving! So I looked around my kitchen and with limited options, I quickly came up with this idea! Why not make a quick and easy Pizza Sandwich??? After all I had all the ingredients… All you will need is:

1 Jar of Pizza sauce

A few slices of Bread


and an Oven

All you have to do is arrange slices of bread on a cookie sheet, add sauce, cheese and other food items, and cook on 350 Degrees until the cheese is melted and combine as sandwiches…Here is how i did it…




Simple right?


Christmas 2012 #2 December 11, 2012

This was the first year since I was a child that I have allowed the tree to Naturally “drop” . We really didn’t have a choice he was too stiff to do anything with really. So we agreed to do “Brett’s Ornaments and the lights together and the rest with Zak, since he is only over 2 nights a week. This is Phase 1.

IMG673 IMG674 IMG675

This part of Christmas was especially monumental cause we mark the one year Anniversary of His coming out to his Mother and family. This was when “WE” became REAL. It was a great feeling!

Thursday we will Finish the Tree with Zak… Merry Christmas ALL!!!!!