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In and around the Sheep Pasture at night January 9,2013

Tonight in an effort to lighten my mood as I am within a Life Changing Cross roads, Brett had suggested taking the Camera’s for a walk…We started at Twilight and ended well after dark…

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Anywho, I was reminded of my very special friend “Oliver” tonight as I heard the dogs from the Drake Street farm howling…

One night back in the late Winter Early Spring I went out after work for a few beers, Brett was not officially living with me at this point. Right before the Bartender Shannon Called last call for Smokes I went outside to smoke. When out of the corner of my eye I saw a small grey animal run across a very busy route 27. I had to investigate. The headlights in the near distance passed and I crossed the street. to find a small baby squirrel, who immediately climbed up my leg and nestled himself at my breast pocket in my jacket. I did try to rid myself of him, and place him in a safe place but he found me and ran up to me, climbed my leg again to my breast pocket in my jacket…So…What would you have done??? ( ONLY ANIMAL LOVERS CAN ANSWER!) I crossed the street and paid my tab, asked for a box got shit from Shannon, and was on my way…the only person who came to mind to help out was Brett, we had only been together for the last 3 months officially. We released him at a safe location the next morning…

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Here’s to Oliver!

If 3 people like this post I will also post pictures of the baby Bunnies I saved as well!!! The year or so before!