Pilgrim Memorial State Park, Plymouth Ma. March 5, 2013

After Ellisville Harbor we ventured to the Plymouth Rock Area. Pilgrim Memorial State Park. It was also very cold here with a constant wind. Tons of wildlife to be seen, mainly of the bird variety, after all it is a beach front what do you expect?

We ventured up the same steps we did in an earlier post toward Burial Hill, http://oursharedadventures.blogspot.com/2012/11/plymouth-ma-bretts-tour-april-202012.html

but headed towards the park area, The Jenny Grist Mills area. We saw many ducks feeding and just chillin. Brett must have taken a thousand pictures of them, I will be only posting a few. I focused my attention upon Oliver’s Great Uncle Frank. Who is Oliver you may ask? Find out here:


For more on this area: http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/southeast/plgm.htm

Ellisville Harbor, Plymouth, Ma. March 5, 2013

Today Brett and I decided to take his camera in search of Seals to Plymouth. More specifically, Ellisville Harbor. Although it is still Winter and the breading time for Seals we sadly saw none. We did however have a great day! It was nice to leave the house as we haven’t really done much this Winter, as we are both usually in Hibernation during this Season…

I must add at his point that the day was nice with regards to weather, it  was about mid 30’s close to 40. Once we hit the beach however; Winter was present once again. There was a constant wind, a cold one, from the North East! It was steady at about 10 – 15 mph, so the temperature dropped very quickly, and the beach is best walked barefoot, not in boots. Just noting a personal experience here. It was nice however; to see the beach again and remember our past Summer’s adventures.

Despite the cold we captured some amazing shots of the beach! From broken stairs to sheer cliffs, and of course the Ocean!

To learn more about this State Park visit: http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/southeast/ells.htm

Just when the Earth is coming alive…

One Miss Mother Nature likes to keep you on your toes and throws a few curve balls just as you think, “Hey this is it! Spring is Coming!”  The flowers and bugs, and raging rivers are a mere illusion of her plans. Even though Spring is officially here in a short 12 days, she must have thought it was time to dump a foot or more of the white stuff just so we know she is charge!

In my head there is a wonderful Beach with white sand and a blue / green ocean, and the temperature never drops below 80 degrees! My bottom is in the sand and my toes are in the water, and life is good! My song of the day? Follow the link below. Knee Deep by The Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett


March 4, 2013 War Memorial Park ~The Graveyard – Built in1683~

First and foremost; I have to say that the weather outside is a disgrace! There is gale force winds up to 55 mph with sustained winds around 20 – 30 mph…with snow and rain…If it were all snow there would easily be 6-12′” or more by morning…YUCK!

Moving on…

What Adventure wouldn’t be complete without  a trip to a Graveyard? Brett’s adaptation to the day. He snapped a few shots at the park and surrounding streets but the graveyard was his “element” . I actually enjoy this area as it is very Historical Funny though the whole “History” thing eludes my brain. It is pointless at best, dates and times to memorize, along with names and events…GAG ME NOW!

However; When Actual History is given in a point of view other than the School regimented monotony, it IS actually pretty interesting.

Rumor has it around these parts that there were Vampires in New England, The gates surrounding the Graves were actually not meant to keep people out, but rather to keep things in…So they say…

March 4, 2013 War Memorial Park West Bridgewater ~Life Renewed and Old Lives Mesh~

This day we photographed more than the intricate water ways and rolling water rapids. We also took in some “Life” pictures, both renewed and old. Traveling through the park it was amazing to see to the water levels so high, but even more amazing was the Earth coming alive again…

There are these purple wild flowers that grow low to the ground such as Crocus seen in an earlier post. They are vibrantly purple. Beautiful signs of Spring’s approach.

After our time at the very beautiful early spring features the park had to offer, we ventured down a few side streets we have followed before. I might note today was freezing! It was hovering around 32 degrees, there was a breeze and my hands were ice, additionally the icicles on my feet had icicles of their own! But I endured!

During our road hike we came across a really refreshing sight. A newly constructed Bird’s Nest! Cows, and the house of Rev. James Kieth, The first Minister of Bridgewater, and more of Earth’s life pushing through the ground to live!

Be sure to check back for the final installment of this day.

March 4, 2013 War Memorial Park West Bridgewater ~The Intricate Water Ways~

So Today we took Brett’s camera to War Memorial as described in yesterday’s post to photograph the water levels. They were as high as yesterday. Still complete with mini rapids. These are the Water ways.

I saved more pictures for future posts! Come on! I can’t spoil you all with the entire day, cause I won’t have anything to post about tomorrow!

The water is so high, even flooding certain sections, I’ll provide a description to certain pictures for explanation…


Hello Crocus!

After what has seemed like an eternity I finally have something worthwhile to post! While at Dunkin Donuts today as promised I snapped some pictures of those Crocus I told you about in yesterday’s post.

We walked the dogs at War Memorial Park today. It felt great to actually go out and do something, I have become quite the homebody since I was let go from work, in the beginning of January. The water system was quite active complete with mini rapids! I have never seen this place so filled with water, there were even a few spill over areas. From the water marks left behind on the trees you can also see that the water was almost a foot higher recently as well. We had the dogs so no camera’s, we plan to return tomorrow to snap a few shots!

My camera is being shipped back, hope to have it soon! Just in time for Spring! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the pictures from War Memorial.

This and That…


Ok so I have been apart from my blog for far too long! Happy Astronomical Spring ( March 1st) too you all! This winter has been funny to say the least. Mostly it was snow free then towards the end we had a blizzard with 31.5″ followed by the next 2 weekends of winter weather. I have survived. I do usually question my survival during Earth’s death state, but all is good here.

Brett and I saw our first Robin a few weeks ago actually right before the Blizzard, I have seen and even heard them since within the last few days. S they are here! Spring is on the way! My Dunkin Donuts has Crocus growing and almost in bloom so Spring has Sprung. But alas we live in New England so they could be killed off with a few feet of snow tomorrow!

One of my close friends just bought a house in Florida and leaves next week, for the beach…BASTARD! LOL! He deserves it! He will be back next month as we are going to see Fleetwood Mac! I will be sure to post pictures and my time spent there as well! I promise to post more often.


It Was Nice To See The Ocean Tonight…

Tonight we went to one of Brett’s friends from one of his jobs, houses to hang out and so they could catch up. It was nice to see that the Ocean was her back yard! I snapped a few pictures with my phone so I am sorry ahead of time for the poor quality of them. But it was a nice night nonetheless.

I want a house where the Ocean is my front or back yard! I Yearn for it! I need it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just imagine a Summers morning waking to the sound of the waves crashing upon the shore as you step outside with your morning coffee and newspaper…the most perfect start to any day! Although it isn’t without regret with the seasonal storms and the ocean front cold air at times!

This on the eve of yet another winter weather storm weekend ahead! Last weekend we got about 6″ of the white shit, the weekend before 31.5″, this weekend calls for about 1-6″ so all in all nothing but seriously after seeing the Beach tonight I WANT SUMMER!


Sorry I haven’t been posting here just commenting and liking. I really don’t have much to say about my dull mundane life without my camera. Hope it is fixed and sent back soon! I NEED to get out there and and capture nature and the world as I see it!

So why not take this time to get to know me? Ask me a question ANY question and since my life is an open book, with no inhibitions I will answer it and together we can all see a glimpse of my inside…ASK AWAY! anything you want to know!

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