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April 17, 2013

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~HELP~ Zak’s Play February 2, 2012

~HELP~ Is about a man who decided to climb a tower at Canobie Lake Park and jump. The following is a rendition of how those events took place…

So Zak’s production nights for his Freshman Play were the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of February! Hollie and her mother went the first night hence the post about hanging with Jordan…

Brett, His Mother and I went the Second night, the 2nd. Zak ROCKED the house I will upload to YouTube and post the link watch for it! It is really moving!

In the mean time all I have to offer is pics…

Zak changed his voice and assumed his roll with perfection…

I am truly so very proud of him for doing so well in his roll. He has acted in a few school plays and even has done Act 1 Scene 1 for the last 3 years but this performance topped the charts! He can go so far with his talent and charm!

This was Zak’s First High School Performance! I look forward to his next and then thereafter…


The pictures follow!