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April 17, 2013

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Quadrantid Meteor Shower ~ January 3, 2012

Eyes to the sky tonight / this morning! The Annual Quadrantid Meteor Shower is right now through dawn. If you have never seen one or a random shooting star it is a must see! My positioning with south facing windows and Balcony I prefer the Geminid Meteor Shower in Mid December. The perseid Meteor shower in August is much more preferred as it is promised to be much warmer! But after all it is a night of seeing shooting stars! I’ll take it! Some cool links follow:




Also NASA has a live feed for tonight’s Meteor Shower…see the link below to watch…scroll down to the live feed and enjoy!



Rare Christmas Treat – Jupiter

I am an avid weather watcher and I also enjoy the night sky, so my eyes are always to the sky, day and night.  While outside tonight I noticed our moon had a few friends with it so I jumped on the computer to investigate, sure as I suspected there was a Planet showing itself for all to enjoy. Jupiter! Also a 1st Magnitude star called Aldebaran had joined the party. “So me and my new camera, tore open the shudder and threw on the flash, too my balcony, we were there in a flash…” To learn more I have posted two links to sites that can provide a more in depth description and story of tonight’s Very Special Christmas Gift for me. My pictures will also follow.



Now on to my pictures! To my dismay the pictures with the flash actually came out far better than those without it. I am far from a camera expert, but common sense told me NO flash. Go figure I hope you enjoy!