Love is Love

Please take 5 Minutes to watch this this very Powerful Video of REALITY!!!!!!!

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DOMAEarlier this evening, I saw this video making the rounds on Facebook .. and upon viewing, I just had to share it.

In the United States, gay and lesbian couples are denied around 1,100 rights that straight couples have.  One of the major rights that affects those from different countries (one from the US, the other from UK as an example), is that the person from outside the US can be denied a visa, and isn’t allowed to apply for a green card though straight married couples can.

The below video, as well as many others on The DOMA Project website (, highlight how heartbreaking it is for these couples who’ve been legally married in the US, but are repeated forced apart by DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

For those who are unaware of what it is:

DOMA is a United States federal law that restricts federal marriage…

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9 thoughts on “Love is Love

  1. Aang Lewis. says:

    I support love, however I’m not lucky ’bout it.

    • tosid01 says:

      He is out there somewhere searching for you and at the right time you will both meet…

      • Aang Lewis. says:

        What about those ones who will die alone? Those ones who were looking for their half of the orange and they grew old and never found their half orange? Those ones who look for them all the time and never found one. It made me remember what my granny said, there’s a man out there waiting for me. But it’s gonna take a long time to love.

      • tosid01 says:

        Aang, Open your mind and heart, if you go through life with the “glass half empty” attitude then it will be what it is, but…If you approach life with the ” Glass half Full” attitude, then again it will be what it is…If you seclude yourself from the world and the offering within it, how can you ever say you tried…I have loved and lost…it hurts but you take a moment or a few years and brush yourself off and then you put yourself back out there…sometimes you find love, sometimes you hurt…but you will never know what lays ahead until you try! Chin up my friend! You are a good looking young man, with a curious mind…our destiny’s are only written by ourselves!!!

      • Aang Lewis. says:

        I try but it’s hard. As you said, “our destiny’s are only written by ourselves!” But I’m been writing my happiness but it walks away from me. I wonder if I’d find a true love… but I don’t know. I think it’s gonna take a long time to love.. or maybe living. I don’t feel like living anymore. I think I just will work and work. No, going out, not meeting people. Thank you very much buddy. You’ve such friend… I’m sorry that I got it off my chest to ya. I think I’ve been disturbing you. Thanks a lot.

      • tosid01 says:

        True love doesn’t alway exist, but does is LOVE. Brett and I have been through far too much, he came to me then was taken away, and delivered back again, only to be taken away yet again, followed by deliverance once again. It is his own thoughts and acts that takes him away to begin with…and my own actions that take him back, even when i shouldn’t have. But I love him through and through…Why? I know not! I know I am being hurt and feel useless at times, to be honest. But something inside me truly LOVES something inside him…so I hang on for the ride and hope that one day he will love me the way I love him…
        Those are my most true and honest feelings…But how do I know if I don’t try??? Will I hurt in the end? Probably…

        My life’s anthem…But I have hope…and desire…You my friend need to find yours…You are smart and handsome and deserve the very best, but you can’t give up either…I wish you the best of luck in this…Hope to hear back soon…Best of luck my friend…

      • Aang Lewis. says:

        I’m speechless.

  2. sethsnap says:

    Where have you been?

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