Ellisville Harbor, Plymouth, Ma. March 5, 2013

Today Brett and I decided to take his camera in search of Seals to Plymouth. More specifically, Ellisville Harbor. Although it is still Winter and the breading time for Seals we sadly saw none. We did however have a great day! It was nice to leave the house as we haven’t really done much this Winter, as we are both usually in Hibernation during this Season…

I must add at his point that the day was nice with regards to weather, it  was about mid 30’s close to 40. Once we hit the beach however; Winter was present once again. There was a constant wind, a cold one, from the North East! It was steady at about 10 – 15 mph, so the temperature dropped very quickly, and the beach is best walked barefoot, not in boots. Just noting a personal experience here. It was nice however; to see the beach again and remember our past Summer’s adventures.

Despite the cold we captured some amazing shots of the beach! From broken stairs to sheer cliffs, and of course the Ocean!

To learn more about this State Park visit: http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/southeast/ells.htm


3 thoughts on “Ellisville Harbor, Plymouth, Ma. March 5, 2013

  1. Great shots of Ellisville Harbor! I love it there! Not a particularly good time for seals though. In my experience November and April-May are the best months for sighting harbor seals down there. 🙂

    • tosid01 says:

      That’s What I thought, but Brett said they are there through the end of March. He claims they moved to Manomet.

      • Individuals tend to return to the same area year after year. While it’s possible some may have gone to Manomet, it’s unlikely the whole group up and moved there. Typically harbor seals, like lots of seals in New England, have seasonal migrations between here and much more southern waters like the Long Island. Harbor seals tend to stick around there for a while. 🙂

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