March 4, 2013 War Memorial Park ~The Graveyard – Built in1683~

First and foremost; I have to say that the weather outside is a disgrace! There is gale force winds up to 55 mph with sustained winds around 20 – 30 mph…with snow and rain…If it were all snow there would easily be 6-12′” or more by morning…YUCK!

Moving on…

What Adventure wouldn’t be complete without  a trip to a Graveyard? Brett’s adaptation to the day. He snapped a few shots at the park and surrounding streets but the graveyard was his “element” . I actually enjoy this area as it is very Historical Funny though the whole “History” thing eludes my brain. It is pointless at best, dates and times to memorize, along with names and events…GAG ME NOW!

However; When Actual History is given in a point of view other than the School regimented monotony, it IS actually pretty interesting.

Rumor has it around these parts that there were Vampires in New England, The gates surrounding the Graves were actually not meant to keep people out, but rather to keep things in…So they say…


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