Our Night With Jordan February 1, 2013

Tonight Brett and I watched lil man, AKA Jordan So that Hollie, Zak’s Mother and Arlene Zak’s Grandmother could go to Zak’s First showing of his First High School play called HELP tonight, More on that later…

Brett and I hung with Jordan here showing him the new turtles ( I still have to post pictures) and just play for a bit. I love hanging out with Jordan, he is full of so much energy! Just a spoonful would be awesome!

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3 thoughts on “Our Night With Jordan February 1, 2013

  1. Andinho. says:

    Your blog is amazing, here I can practice my American English.

    • tosid01 says:

      Andinho, I am happy to hear you enjoy my Blog! I am even more Happy to be of help! I am a HORRIBLE speller though…and I tend to capitalize words that shouldn’t be…either way feel free to like, comment and continue to follow, yeah and I haven’t noticed you in Reader recently…I’mm have to visit your Blog to see if there is anything new!

      • Andinho. says:

        Unfortunately there’s no new post, cuz I’m still writing about Aang Lewis. But I hope Aang Lewis will tell you about my life’s moments.

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