It Was Nice To See The Ocean Tonight…

Tonight we went to one of Brett’s friends from one of his jobs, houses to hang out and so they could catch up. It was nice to see that the Ocean was her back yard! I snapped a few pictures with my phone so I am sorry ahead of time for the poor quality of them. But it was a nice night nonetheless.

I want a house where the Ocean is my front or back yard! I Yearn for it! I need it!

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Just imagine a Summers morning waking to the sound of the waves crashing upon the shore as you step outside with your morning coffee and newspaper…the most perfect start to any day! Although it isn’t without regret with the seasonal storms and the ocean front cold air at times!

This on the eve of yet another winter weather storm weekend ahead! Last weekend we got about 6″ of the white shit, the weekend before 31.5″, this weekend calls for about 1-6″ so all in all nothing but seriously after seeing the Beach tonight I WANT SUMMER!



Sorry I haven’t been posting here just commenting and liking. I really don’t have much to say about my dull mundane life without my camera. Hope it is fixed and sent back soon! I NEED to get out there and and capture nature and the world as I see it!

So why not take this time to get to know me? Ask me a question ANY question and since my life is an open book, with no inhibitions I will answer it and together we can all see a glimpse of my inside…ASK AWAY! anything you want to know!

Also please take this time to visit my Volume 1 Blog if you haven’t already, or revisit for a chance to spark a question about me! Give me something to blog about PLEASE!!!!!


Russian Meteoroid This Morning……… February 15, 2012

I often wake and read my online news via my local paper or Yahoo news. I discovered an article of interest to me this morning. I saved links and photos to share with you.

there was a Meteoroid that defied Earth’s Ozone and made landfall in Russia, Siberia this Morning…

AMAZING! I wish well to those who were close and thank them as well for the footage I am about to share. From what I read there were no casualties. A few hundred were taken to area Hospitals for minor injuries…To Each and every current and future friend I may have in Russia,  My deepest Sympathies to those effected by today’s Natural Disaster… i wish you all well…

Links first!

Sorry NASA was too busy Covering it’s ASS to comment beyond thier reason why this is unrelated to the asteroid associated with today’s date….

Been Slacking!

I promised almost a month ago for pictures of the animals that inhabit my place. But first a quick history:

Mama came to me one night a a one night type deal we were going to bring her to a no kill shelter the next morning. Mama who’s name was actually Princess that night, ended up playing on my feelings and emotions and somehow found her way into my heart. She stayed. That was April of 2008. One night while she and I we watching TV in the living room, I felt something move inside her and felt around her belly, I could feel 3 defined kittens…She was pregnant! June 1, 2008 she gave birth to 4 kittens, on my bed. I woke up to the sound of baby kittens meowing. The runt died a week or so later, and I was able to get a home for the all black long haired boy (Bear). TJ and Dora never got adopted, so I had no choice but to keep them.

I found the Eastern Tree Frog one day when we went to Mylestandish State Forest. It was in the men’s room walking across the wall, Brett wouldn’t let it be so that explains that!

Squirtle and Taka were also found and kept by Brett.

Turtle 1 and Turtle 2 as I call them were Brett’s from his house, he can feel free to comment and tell you their story.

Clump is a Rococo Toad also Brett’s and his story to tell as I really don’t know.

So there you have the Felines and reptiles and amphibians living with us…Hope you enjoyed!

February 12, 2012

After Friday’s horrific Fury by none other than one Mother Nature, and her 31.5″ of snow, we received rain today. It was, to say the least refreshing, to feel the warm temps mid 40’s. The sidewalks are still not cleared and so School has been cancelled since Friday. I have no pictures to share regretfully, I do however have video from beginning to end including a hardworking Wood Pecker on South Street. I am just not too sure how I can post it yet since I have the free option, perhaps through You Tube. There are area’s where the snow was waist deep, and even shoulder deep I am 6’…

My question is when have we started naming winter storms and who comes up with them anyways? Nemo really? All I can think of is “Finding Nemo” and the little Clown Fish…Today’s winter storm was named “Orko” Which forces an image of a Killer Whale in my Cerebral Cortex. And why are they both Ocean related? So many questions…

They are threatening us with more snow for Wednesday night into Thursday. JOY! We have been blessed with a good Winter so far though, so I really have no reason to gripe! It just seems like out of nowhere mother Nature said to herself hey I missed New England…let’s bury them!

At least I have a potential break from this wretched Winter madness. I may be in Oklahoma for a few weeks or a month working with a Hospital who has upgraded to the system we used at my former place not too shabby either the pay is right and the work is already known to me! Oklahoma here I come! Even though I will be working it will be a Vacation from this snow and winter! And truth be told I could really stand a get away for myself for a bit!