Matt And Amanda’s Wedding! January 26, 2012

The funny thing is I went to school with Matt, and taught his son Brady in Cub Scouts, While Brett went to School and knew Amanda growing up…Small world? I also ran into a few people I know, from my previous job! It was nice to see them!

Can I say Table #9 Rocked! I made some new friends tonight! While Brett was able to get in touch with his inner self which was great to see him let loose! On the Eve of our 2 year Anniversary it was refreshing to see to say the least! We ate an AMAZING meal!He had the Chicken, while I had the Beef, MMMMM…So delish! It literally melted in my mouth! And was the perfect amount of rare! We drank, He really surprised me tonight, Mr. I don’t drink, was actually giving me a run for my money!

The best part was we danced…He was actually on the dance floor before me…Which is a rarity! The 90’s throw back was cool! I haven’t heard “Shoop” by Salt n Peppa since God only knows when! I indulged with a Red Velvet Cupcake, they actually have huge Cupcakes in place of the traditional Wedding Cake! AWESOME!

I am sore from the jumping and dancing, I need a HOT bath and some muscle rub! LOL! I am too OLD for this! Either way I had a GREAT NIGHT! Thank You Matt and Amanda!

Now on to the pictures! Please be patient they were taken from my phone and motion is not so great on a Camera through a phone!

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