January 12, 2013

Dear World,

Wow! The new year is already almost 2 weeks in… My 2 Year Anniversary to my very loving Man is also only 15 days away! His Birthday is in 9 Days! My! How the time flies! I am in a place where I can finally discuss my Crossroads!


For the last 10 Years and a month I have worked at the same place. By both  trade and my Calling, I work Healthcare. I started this job back in December of 2002, as a sitter I sat with patients who required a helping hand, or a second pair of eyes for their safety. I quickly grew and started working in the ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) after almost 5 years my position was dissolved rather erased over night! In the blink of an eye. My whole world was ripped from beneath the very feet I stood upon. I was formally laid off and was able, through Unionized protection  to transition to the ER ( Emergency Room) Where I have spent the last almost 5 Years, ( February 9th would have been 5 years in the ER ) Despite my hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and TEARS, I was let go this past Thursday. “MY” Crossroads was whether or not to fight or simply walk away, and move on…I am certainly NO QUITTER! I have smoked from the very day I started…LOL! I have a formal Grievance filed…But I seem to be with the feeling that ” A Door closes for a reason, so another door can open. ” I have set my sights to Boston for Employment, Understanding, and hopefully for once and all Appreciation for ALL I do for both my patients and the staff I work with.

I will once and for all NOT be a prisoner of my job!

Inside the Dungeon...

Inside the Dungeon…

This is NOT an easy road cause where I was, was ALL I knew! It was my life! It was my Existence! It was the very reason I woke and went on for so long! This time around I hope and I pray for more…For an employer who actually “cares” for their Employees!



I recently changed my original “Crossroads” Image found on the internet, although it was fitting for the moment, it recently became the root of a conflict. I found it and saved it and uploaded it without the photographers permission apparently. As I am NOT a common thief, I decided to delete it and replace it. I would normally have added his link to his site as a common courtesy; however I found him to be very rude and insulting. Had he simply said hey you, that is my image please give me proper credit, I would have kept it and added a link. So fellow friends before you save an image on the web, be sure to see if it has a copyright or you too may be accursed of being a common criminal. While “I” as an amateur Photographer respect his anger, I do believe a level-headed approach prevails!

I actually rather like this image better anyways. It seems better suited to the time frame in which my original Crossroads occurred  Well what it should have looked like anyways. After all it took place during the Winter. This picture was taken however a few days ago. (03262013)


6 thoughts on “January 12, 2013

  1. bluedoggarden says:

    hey bluedoggarden is karen boone damn trying to comment or like jeez u have to do this and that but finally done. best wishes for both

    • tosid01 says:

      Thank you Karen! Feel free to browse threw the rest of the my blog to see some of our adventures! Thank you for following and visiting! Have a look around!

  2. Elaine McCall says:

    Tom everyone must know it’s their loss. You will move on to much better things! Here for you anytime, as you’ve always been there for me. btw I appreciate you!

    • tosid01 says:

      Elaine I am happy to see your comment here. This blog is the reason I am on FB less and less Feel free to have a look at previous posts as well! Be sure to follow me here by subscribing by email.

  3. Andinho. says:

    Very good! I loved this pot. And Congratulations for your relationship Anniversary and I wanna tell ya something about your job, I always use my mother’s quotation, “work to live, don’t live to work.” I love my job, but I love to live to everyone and myself, Last week I resigned cuz I needed time to myself, I had to jobs, now I’ve got one. Thanks.

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