At a Crossroad in life…


When you are at a crossroad in life, What do you do? Do you leap, and choose a path that best suits you or do you sit and think of your options? Do you wander blindly or ask for help if it is available?

I am at a LIFE CHANGING CROSSROAD…please help…I “KNOW” the path I should choose, There is just so much travel time…Not sure I have the time…Please help!!!


2 thoughts on “At a Crossroad in life…

  1. Andinho. says:

    Life is always a crossroad, but I always remember that the way I get things will take time and I can come back again…

    • tosid01 says:

      Sometimes when a road closes it is closed forever! Sometimes this road is the only road you have known…The type of Crossroad I am at is one of those roads. If this door closes on me Thursday it will be forever blocked, there will be no going back down it. from here I have to move on from where I have been, and can won’t be allowed to go back…Yet this road I came from has been the only road I have known for the last 10+ Years…That is why it is so difficult.

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