First real snow, 12/29/2012

Tonight we are under a Winter Weather Advisory, When I got home from work at 11:30p Brett wanted to take the Camera’s out for a few snap shots in the snow…I reluctantly agreed. First I snapped a few pictures from my Balcony, then out we went to the Jewish Cemetery down the street, The pictures follow!

Now let it be known…I HATE the winter and all of it’s snow and cold, But I do have to admit it makes for some great pictures!

the pictures with the snow falling are with Flash and the ones without are without…

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Last Full Moon of 2012

Tonight 12/28/2012 marks the final Full Moon of 2012. As I sit here and reflect upon the last year, I have to admit it had it’s up’s and down’s as with any other year. But am honored to say I was lucky enough to have spent the entire year, both good and not so good with the love of my life, Brett! Next month marks our 2 year anniversary! Holy Crap! It hardly feels like we have been together for so long and yet at times it feels as if we have been together for an eternity all at the same time! I LOVE YOU BRETT!

Back to the post…Tonight was the final Full Moon of 2012, Here’s to 2013 and beyond!


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Rare Christmas Treat – Jupiter

I am an avid weather watcher and I also enjoy the night sky, so my eyes are always to the sky, day and night.  While outside tonight I noticed our moon had a few friends with it so I jumped on the computer to investigate, sure as I suspected there was a Planet showing itself for all to enjoy. Jupiter! Also a 1st Magnitude star called Aldebaran had joined the party. “So me and my new camera, tore open the shudder and threw on the flash, too my balcony, we were there in a flash…” To learn more I have posted two links to sites that can provide a more in depth description and story of tonight’s Very Special Christmas Gift for me. My pictures will also follow.

Now on to my pictures! To my dismay the pictures with the flash actually came out far better than those without it. I am far from a camera expert, but common sense told me NO flash. Go figure I hope you enjoy!

Happy Merry Christmakwanazakah!

This is my was of covering all the Holidays with using the generic Happy Holiday’s! I Recently joined the Adopt a Soldier Program for more information on this and becoming a Supporter as well visit the link below. All that is required is a weekly letter sent to your assigned Soldier, emails if allowed and a monthly Care package…

These men and woman are fighting for our freedom the least we can do is support them in a way they can actually see please consider joining and becoming a supporter.

To become a supporter follow the directions on the home web page!

Christmas 2012 #3 December 14, 2012

The tree and house is finally done! We finished it last week, I am just now remembering to post as I forgot to post…

A Moment of Silence… December 14, 2012

In the wake of those who lost their lives way too early, and to those who saved their Students…and / or tried too, and most of all the Fellow Parents who lost their Babies…You are not alone, You are Supported and thought about…May you find your Peace!

R.I.P. Students and Staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut..



If you have a Facebook please visit and like this page to support the Students, Staff, and Parents!


Easy Pizza Sandwich

Tonight I was so hungry  yet lacked the desire to cook, Which by the way I love to do. I didn’t eat dinner at work and was starving! So I looked around my kitchen and with limited options, I quickly came up with this idea! Why not make a quick and easy Pizza Sandwich??? After all I had all the ingredients… All you will need is:

1 Jar of Pizza sauce

A few slices of Bread


and an Oven

All you have to do is arrange slices of bread on a cookie sheet, add sauce, cheese and other food items, and cook on 350 Degrees until the cheese is melted and combine as sandwiches…Here is how i did it…




Simple right?