November 28, 2012

Well that is the rest of our adventures so far… More to follow. Be sure to check back from time to time to see my future posts. I may have a few items I post for support for friends and such, until our further adventures start-up in the Spring. I will be sure to post a Christmas and New Years Post as well as Brett and my 2 Year Anniversary, and perhaps a few rants from time to time. Till then be sure to visit Volume #1 of Adventures In Time!!!!! just click the link below:

I am also a huge animal rights supporter!

Day out with Jordan November 4, 2012

Today we took Zak and Jordan to dinner at Sal’s house. Brett and I took them and his dogs Boston and Lucy  for a walk first. We took Jordan to the playground at the Kennedy School first and then ventured over to the High School, and around Aziaf Skating Rink, before heading back to Sal’s for a nice ole fashioned Pasta dinner with the family.

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Melissa Etheridge Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Ma October 21, 2012

A friend from work had purchased too many tickets while in a sleeping pill coma and so It worked out for me… Melissa Etheridge has been a fave since the late 90’s when I first heard her “Yes I am” album, so to actually see her has been a huge HELL’S YES!!!!!

Brett and I walked the “Boston Commons” and trolled the streets first and then dove into the concert, after seeing Stevie Nicks in the Summer with a friend it was nice to go to a concert with my man!

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Sauchuk Farm Plympton, Ma. October 6, 2012 Day #1

As you notice the title marked day #1 you may wonder why?

Well by the time we arrived we were too late for the Corn Field Maze, we were able to pick our own Pumpkins however! So we ate the largest fried dough I have ever seen in my life! We hung out for a bit Before the tractor ride to the Pumpkin Patch Pick our crop and went home, with plans to return the following Monday, Columbus Day, cause Zak and Katheryn didn’t have school. These are the pics from the first day:

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Freetown State Forest, August 15,2012

Brett, Zak and I decided to visit a semi local place called Freetown State Forest and we discovered there are many treats to be found here, there is a local shallow pool 1 ft deep so great for kids. The many hiking paths and trails were our real interest, we decided to follow a main trail the first time…