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Please take 5 Minutes to watch this this very Powerful Video of REALITY!!!!!!!

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DOMAEarlier this evening, I saw this video making the rounds on Facebook .. and upon viewing, I just had to share it.

In the United States, gay and lesbian couples are denied around 1,100 rights that straight couples have.  One of the major rights that affects those from different countries (one from the US, the other from UK as an example), is that the person from outside the US can be denied a visa, and isn’t allowed to apply for a green card though straight married couples can.

The below video, as well as many others on The DOMA Project website (, highlight how heartbreaking it is for these couples who’ve been legally married in the US, but are repeated forced apart by DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

For those who are unaware of what it is:

DOMA is a United States federal law that restricts federal marriage…

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April 17, 2013

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Been a While…

I haven’t posted a blog posting in quite some time, well an Adventure type post anyways. As you may have read I am just about ready to begin Volume #3 of my Blog Adventures in Time. I have much to post We have been very busy.

After what has seemed like a lifetime within it self it looks as if Spring is here to stay. Today was 60 degrees. I will post pictures from today’s Adventure in Wareham with Zak and Jordan soon if not in a few, possibly tomorrow night after Dinner.

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Update on Clump

I am very happy to report that Clump the Rococo Toad I last blogged about is doing much better. His skin irritation or whatever it was is healing just fine. I also took it upon myself to redecorate his enclosure. A much needed change and all for $6! When you love someone you also love their pets and you will do anything for them and theirs  cause in the end they are also you and yours…


Before and…



He seems much happier now as well!

PLEASE HELP! Rococo Toad in need of help…

Brett’s Rococo Toad “Clump” recently shed his skin, which he has done in the past without a problem. Last night he noticed what looks like abrasions behind his eyes. mild / moderate bleeding last night. Treated with Neosporin, to keep away infection.

Today the bleeding is minimal to none but fleshy looking, probably from the Neosporin. Any Toad / frog bloggers out there who have any advice please help! “Clump” doesn’t appear to be in any distress of any kind, but still Brett and I would like to help the lil guy out! Even if you know someone who knows about Toads and frogs please forward this to them. Any help will be greatly Appreciated!

There was no injury that either of us are aware of, could have even been accidentally self inflicted???


Volume #3 Coming Soon!

Fellow bloggers and friends, I have recently set up my template for the 3rd installment of Adventures In Time! I am very excited for this venture! To me this blog is often a journal of my life, and somewhere to share with the world the Adventures I have been fortunate enough to pursue however small or epic! I am so happy to share this with ALL of you! We are a community all our own, and it my pleasure to be a part of it!

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Adventures In Time Volume #3

Morning Surprise!

Today is a good day! When the plants on my balcony start to grow, I know Spring is right around the corner! My Lilly’s are a few inches above the soil! YAY! And we reached 50 degrees today! Let’s hope that nasty beast named Winter is gone until next year…